Saturday, February 15, 2014

02.13.14 - Astronomy - Week 06 - Mars

Week 6
Read Planet Poem

Turned Binder into Notebook as a result of a CHES meeting idea

Read Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy and Space pg 26-27
Completed Narration Sheet

Janice Van Cleave's "Astronomy for Every Kid" pg 30-31
To demonstrate the apparent backward motion of Mars

Result: At first you are looking forward to view the background, but as you over take your helper you must look backward to see the objects.

Why: Your helper is not going backward you are just looking from a different position.
Write Up pg


Read Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space pg 36-37
Completed Narration Sheet

Read Usborne Spotter Guide - The Night Sky pg 40
Completed Narration Sheet

Moon Diary:
Look at the phases of the moon that Owen filled in for the week

Added to the Map of the Solar System
This week:

Weekly Science Vocabulary Word:
No vocabulary this week

This week's test 

Owen's comments on what the most interesting thing he learned was:

Mars is colder than Earth

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