Saturday, February 22, 2014

02.20.14 - Astronomy - Week 07 - Jupiter

Week 6

Read Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy and Space pg 26-27
Completed Narration Sheet

Janice Van Cleave's "Astronomy for Every Kid" pg 34 - 35
Red Spot
To demonstrate the movement in Jupiter's red spot

Adding the tea
 Stirring quickly to create the vortex
 Vortex created
 Tea being pulled to the center

Result: The tea leaves are supposed to group in a spiraling funnel shape
Why: The stirring creates a vortex forming a cavity in the center toward which things are pulled. The red spot on Jupiter is a massive hurricane large enough to swallow 3 Earths.

Write Up pg


Read Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space pg 36-37
Completed Narration Sheet

Read Usborne Spotter Guide - The Night Sky pg 40
Completed Narration Sheet

Moon Diary:
Look at the phases of the moon that Owen filled in for the week

Added to the Map of the Solar System
This week:

Weekly Science Vocabulary Word:
No vocabulary this week

This week's test 

Owen's comments on what the most interesting thing he learned was:
Jupiter has 16 moons
(we actually found out that Jupiter has more than 69 named moons. very confusing as each book had a different amount. We finally went to NASA.)

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