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What You Need to Know to Help Your Child Embrace Veggies

Vegetable is a word that can make even a non-picky eater run for cover.
So how do you get your child to eat some of those healthy veggies?
And change your child from this:
To this:
When children associate healthy foods with fun, they become more interested and excited to incorporate them into their daily diet! Cooking time becomes an exploration in personal creativity and health education.
Parents and kids come together to plan 'creative' meals.

Let them use their imagination, be involved and encourage their creativity.

Make Healthy Foods Fun!
This is what one parent had to share:
Every parent wants their child to eat healthy because it is so important for their growth and development, but not every parent is lucky enough to have a child that loves their veggies.
Here are some tips I have learned raising my 6 children on how to get your children to eat their vegetables either willingly or without them even knowing.

1. Sneak veggie purees into their mash potatoes or pancakes.

2. Make muffins with chopped veggies and a little frosting on top. Call them cupcakes. They will never know.
3. If using tomato sauce in a dish you can add V8 or just a bunch of chopped vegetables.
4. When the kids are starving after sports or heavy playing offer them veggies with dressing or peanut butter rather than other snack foods.
5. Grow a garden in your yard and allow them to help you. They will be more excited to eat what they actually grew.
6. Never tell them what they are eating is healthy or good for them, just act really excited about the veggies and your attitude will transfer to them.

I hope all these tips help you like they did me. If you have any special tips feel free to comment and let us know.
Thanks, Kitty

The tips on the Veggie Boom Boom site are a little more commercial than personal, but it was low key, not in your face ads and there was also some information on being vegan as well as ideas for items that might help you attain a vegan diet. All of which can be useful even if your goal is to eat more vegetables not become vegan.

It was still an interesting read. 
Veggie Boom Boom 
While searching for information to write this article I found the following sites I thought were quite interesting. (note the pictures, look familiar? )

The following link is to a site I am looking forward to exploring more.
The heading; "Heirloom Vegetables" definitely caught my eye.
Garden of Eatin

Cheryl has created a site with so many good ideas on kids and foods I decided instead of picking, choosing and paraphrasing I would just link to it. She is a young mother who has been blogging for years, writing articles about food and quilts.

I followed links from this blog to her other blogs and found them enough that I bookmarked them all even though some are no longer updated. They had so much reference material I could spend hours reading them.
Simple Bites

Dr. John came to the point in easy to understand words.
I loved what he had to say as well as his 10 ways to encourage your child to eat their veggies.
Virginia Hopkins

This last one, which looked fairly current, was written by a woman who makes a living at helping people stay healthy and has information beneficial to the whole family.
House of Health

Despite your best efforts your children still might not eat their veggies, but they will have fun memories associated with veggies.

Who knows though, they might just pick up a veggies while creating and eat it.

The important thing is to never stop offering veggies and to continue to search for new and interesting ways to encourage your children to eat them.

Remember you too may not have eaten all your veggies when you were young.

Healthy eating is essential for proper growth; mentally, physically spiritually.
You really are what you eat.

The fast food generation is creating too many children who look like this:
Sadly this lack of healthy eating has not only seen a rise in childhood obesity, but a rising tide of health issues that were not so prevalent in years past.

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