Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.14.12 Crystal Radio

Too long away. Taxes and life, but now back to the more important things. :)

There is a lot of catch-up to do so I will break it up into a couple of entries.

Our last entry for classes was 2.13.12 so the next class was 2.20.12. That lesson actually ran into the next week.

2.20.2012 -  2.27.2012
Day 1 – Build a Crystal Radio

Today we began a crystal radio experiment. I thought we would be done in one day; I was wrong.
It took most of the day just to coil the wire around the tube.

Brennan helped to hold the wire so it would not unravel. He had actually started to wind the wire first, got tired and let go not realizing that in doing so the wire would spring of into a myriad of directions.

We spend a good deal of time re-spooling the wire carefully so as not to kink it. Then we had to re-wind is around the tube.

Owen participated as much as he could, but spent time experimenting with circuits and lighting.

Brennan checks the wiring, Owen assembles the housing

What big teeth I have.             Almost done.

I hear something. You want 19.99 for what????

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