Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break and Playing Catch up; Again

No excuses just fell behind. :P

We have had a lovely 2 weeks of Spring Break from week 4.02.12 - 4.15.12, with our next lesson tomorrow, 4.16.12.

I wanted to do work during vacation,  but was overruled. :)

I did take the boys on 4.04.12 though, on pretense of lessons much to their chagrin, but we made it a fun day instead. Will post that later.

Brennan had reading in the the Usborne Science Encyclopedia about Flight, engines and Bernoulli's principle.

Hard to imagine the first flight was only 12 seconds long. A commercial is much longer than that.

While Brennan was occupying his school time with the differences between planes and gliders and then the intricacies of engines Owen finished his book on Faraday and started to delve into DK Eye Wonder to learn more on how electricity changed the world as we knew it.

We already had Michael Faraday, and Ben Franklin in our scientist Hall of Fame and now we added new scientists to our growing list; Alessandro Volta, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, William Lipscomb, Albert Schweitzer, Richard Feynman, Da Vinci, and Galileo.

The Dk book helped us explore the history's of the telephone,
then                                                                                        now

 the television, 
then                                                                                         now

and the computer.
then                                                                                          now

We ended the day with a preview of a coming lesson; Magnetism.

The boys are sure to enjoy that!

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