Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faces: Shapes, Sizes and Colours, All can show Emotions

Daring Orange Tuesday!

Encourage your child's creativity and try something new!

Dare to Explore Faces!

Faces come in many sizes, shapes and colours.
Faces express, or show, feelings.
Each face is different.
How is your face different from others?
Look at the faces in the pictures.
Colours of the World
Use your fingers to trace around the shapes.
How are they different?
Dare to Explore Emotions!
Look at the pictures of emotions.
Which expressions do they show?
Can you find the happy one?
How about the sad one?
Name all the emotions you see.
Explain why they are different.

Plan like an Artist
Plan to study faces nest time you are around a lot of people.
They have different sizes and shapes.
Sometimes they express feelings.
Take your sketch book and draw some of the faces in it.
Each one will be special.
Each face we see is unique.

I hope you had a creative Orange Tuesday!

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