Monday, April 16, 2012

3.12.12 Waves

Today we touched on Sound waves; what they are how they travel.The Usborne Science Encyclopedia provided much of the information on waves that we covered today.

Interesting in how many waves affect our lives. All around us we are surrounded by sound waves,
 light waves
  tidal, tsunami, earthquake,
The blue whale makes the largest sound on the earth. It can be heard through the ocean for thousands of miles and it's sound travels at 621 mph.
The Marvels and Mysteries of Science covered bats and how they "hear" as well as the sound range of most humans; 20-20,000 hertz, bats; 25,000-100,000 hertz, Dogs; 40,000 hertz, blue whale; 17-20 hertz, and elephants;12-35 hertz.
Then back to the Usborne Science Encyclopedia to learn about how sounds have been stored; cassettes, cd's and the difference between analog and stereo.

A journey to brain pop, a movie, a test and then on to magnets.

Before we could explore the tactile elements there was much to read about and research on the net.
There were many fun links available on the Usborne Quicklink site.

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