Saturday, February 8, 2014

02.06.14 - Astronomy - Week 05 - Earth and Moon

Week 5
Earth and Moon

Read Usborne Complete Book of Astronomy and Space pg 22-23
Completed Narration Sheet

Janice Van Cleave's "Astronomy for Every Kid" pg 106 - 107
Moving Target
To simulate aiming a spacecraft for the moon.
Materials Used

Cutting the String
Tieing to the washer

Trying to hit the center

Result: You may have been unsuccessful in hitting the washer.
Why: It is difficult to hit a moving object. Moon landings require computer calculations for an accurate and successful landing.
Write Up pg


Read Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space pg 30-31
Completed Narration Sheet

Read Usborne Spotter Guide - The Night Sky pg 46-48Completed Narration Sheet

Began Moon Diary:
Will fill in daily for the next 27 days with the phases of the moon

Added to the Map of the Solar System
This week:

Weekly Science Vocabulary Word:
, mini planet in orbit around another planet
This week's test

Owen's comments on what the most interesting thing he learned was:

The moon has eight phases

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