Thursday, September 12, 2013

09.12.13 - Earth Science - Natural Disasters - Week 4

Week 4
Natural Disasters

O first read UOW pg 18 - 19
Completed Narration Sheet on Storms and Wind

Read UOW pg 22 - 23
Completed Narration Sheet on Earthquakes

Read UOW pg 28 - 29
Completed Narration Sheet on Flood
Narration Sheet for Storms, Wind, Earthquakes, & Floods
Lunch -  O decided on 3 hard boiled eggs and toast today

Experiment on Earthquakes:
What do earthquakes do?

O started by filling a pan with dirt and toys
(we used dinosaurs and a wood mushroom as substitutes for houses and people)
Setting up for the "Earthquake"

O shook the pan three different times, resetting the houses and people each time then recording the results.
The first shake was slight,

A minor "Quake"

,the second moderate,

Shake a little bit harder for a moderate Quake

and the third severe.
10 points on the Richter Scale!

O's reaction to the varying effects of an earthquake:
He was surprised and I think a little worried.
He asked if earthquakes happened here.

Write Up Experiment Sheet      
Pictures of Earthquake experiment
Writing up the Paper

Weekly Science Vocabulary Word
Earthquake, shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement

This week's test
Owen's comments on what the most interesting thing he learned was:
Looking at very cool rocks.
Earthquakes cause a lot of damage.

Owen did so well at staying on task he got a bonus award:
He wove a key fob.
I let him choose the idea; Creeper from Mine Craft.
I graphed it out and calculated the quantity of beads.
He sorted the necessary beads.
I showed him how on one row and he wove the rest.
Setting up the beads
   The tab of the key chain is done.

I think he likes it!

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