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08.29.13 - Earth Science - Seasons and Weather - Week 3

Week 3
For O's third week we studied Seasons and Weather.

O started off by Making his own Seasons Book.
He enjoyed the process as he was given many choices of his own as to it's construction.
First he chose the font.
At home he is studying knights and history during that timeline so it influenced his choice of what he called a "castle font." 
The name of the font he chose was "ArthurianWide".
Then he chose the colour of font for each page.
O's books will answer the Questions:
Do you know about the seasons?

He drew a picture of himself swimming in his grandma's pool.

His favourite seasonal activity; swimming at Gramma Cathy's

A budding artist, O enjoys drawing

Do you know that in Spring flowers begin to bloom and baby animals are born?
He drew a robin feeding it's young a worm, flowers and a green tree.

Do you know that in Summer it's very warm and it's time to go to the beach?
He drew a beach scene; summer, ocean, and beach umbrella.

Spring brings baby birds
Summer: Fun at the Beach

Do you know that in Fall the leaves change colour and fall off the trees? 
He drew a fall tree with the leaves falling.

Do you know that in Winter it gets very cold and snow falls from the sky? 
He drew a snowman.

Fall brings new colour to trees before the the leaves fall.
Winter is cold, but a fun time to make Snowmen

His last page said "I did!"
He did it!
And was happy he did.

Posing with his Finished Earth Model

I think he likes it!

Read UOW pg 14 - 15
The Seasons Narration Sheet

Lunch - Mac n cheese, hardboiled egg, "special" milk
Read UOW pg 16 - 17
The Weather / Water Cycle Narration Sheet
( I am enjoying the Narration Pages included in the "Earth Science book for the Grammar Stage")
Paige has created a learning experience that is fun, educational and so far, more stress free.
I am still very happy that I bought a lifetime membership to Notebooking Pages. com

Writing key points of Seasonal Changes and the Water Cycle

Making a Rain Gauge

Getting the materials ready, 

Taping for safety.
Marking for measuring

Done and ready to use.
Materials Used

** 2 liter plastic bottle
** dust tape
** a sharpie pen
** small marbles
** ruler
1. I cut the top off the bottle and showed O how to tape the edges so as to prevent any cuts.
2. O then, using a ruler, made marks along the length at 1/4" intervals
3. He enjoyed adding the marbles, boys and marbles. :)
(the marbles add stability to the rain gauge)
4. Lastly we turned the top upside down and placed it inside the opening of the bottom portion to form a funnel.
A rain gauge chart is included to print out to record the rainfall.
(now we just need the rain)

Weekly Vocabulary - Water Cycle
1 The Sun's heat evaporates water from the Earth's oceans and lakes
2 Water vapor condenses to form clouds
3 Water vapor cools and falls as rain
4 Rainwater flows back into rivers, lakes and seas

This week's test

O's comments on what the most interesting thing he learned was:
The water cycle

Next Week we will study the Storms and Wind, Earthquakes, Floods.

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