Monday, November 21, 2011

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts - My Second Set of 10 to share

No matter when we use them shortcuts make our lives easier and save us time.

My next set of shortcuts:

1.   Search for text in a document                                   = Ctrl f
2.   Go to a page, line, or bookmark in a document        = Ctrl g
3.   Find and replace text in a document                         = Ctrl h 
4.   Tab                                                                         = Ctrl t
5.   Align text left                                                           =  Ctrl l
6.   Align text right                                                         = Ctrl r
7.   Center text                                                              = Ctrl e
8.   Justify text                                                               =  Ctrl j
9.   Open a document                                                    = Ctrl o
10. Save a document                                                     = Ctrl s

These are all helpful in Word and other Office Applications.
Many of them can be use while surfing on the net as well.

To refer to my first set of 10 click here

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