Friday, November 25, 2011

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts - My Third Set of 10 to Share

With the boys gone on a vacation camping trip to the coast, my week has been more quiet than usual so therefore I have not been posting here. I have made entries in my other blogs and am busy with the various flora and fauna that abounds on our property.

I decided to add another entry to the Keyboard shortcuts. So here is the next set of 10:

My third set of 10 shortcuts:
1. New page                                                                = Ctrl n
2. Home                                                                      = Goes to beginning of current line.
3. Goes to beginning of document                                 = Ctrl + Home
4. Goes to end of current line                                        = End
5. Goes to end of document                                          = Ctrl + End
6. Highlights from current position to beginning of line     = Shift + Home
7. Highlights from current position to end of line             = Shift + End
8. Moves one word to the left at a time                          = Ctrl + Left arrow
9. Moves one word to the right at a time                        = Ctrl + Right arrow
10. Close window                                                         = Ctrl w

These are some more basic shortcuts Word and other Office Applications.
Again, many of them can be used elsewhere; experiment when you get comfortable with them.
You’ll be surprised how useful they are.

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