Monday, November 7, 2011

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts - My First 10 to Share

No matter when we use them, shortcuts make our lives easier and save us time.

After our last CHES meeting Dani and I talked about sharing shortcuts at the next meeting. I use them everyday and know how useful they are so I was game.

I got home and started doing research to see what was out there and had to take a break to get over the TMI feeling I was getting, it was making my head hurt.

So I decided to start with what I use the most. So at least once a week I will try to ad shortcuts and techie tips to make computer use easier.
Learning a few at a time will get you up and running, soon people will think you are a computer whiz!!

My Top Ten Shortcuts:

1. Undo an action                    = ctrl z
2. Redo an action                    = ctrl y
3. Copy selected item              = ctrl c
4. Cut selected item                 = ctrl x
5. Paste selected item             = ctrl v
6. Print selected item              = ctrl p
7. Bold selected item              = ctrl b
8. Underscore selected item   = ctrl u
9. Italics selected item             = ctrl i
10. Select all text                    = ctrl a

I love these 10!
I use at least some, if not all of them, every single day.

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