Sunday, February 22, 2009

Universe; Galaxies

This week we focused on galaxies:

and Elliptical.

Next week I will introduce a fourth which I just found mentioned in the Usbourne Encyclopedia of Science; the barred spiral galaxy. It is not mentioned in the Teachers Guide that I was given.

When we began the new year we were not aware of the various methods available to us for teaching different subjects. Had we known we would have gone with NOEO, but I am using the Discovery Works for California Teachers Guide to aid me instead. When I learned about NOEO at the last CHES meeting I also was introduced to The Usbourne Internet Linked Science Enclyclopedia, which is used with the NOEO curriculum until graduation so I went to my favourite discount website, found a copy and just received it in the mail. Hopefully, we can switch to NOEO at a later time, but until then I am combining the two on my own to give Brennan the best of both worlds.
It was in this new Science book I first saw the fourth type of galaxy mentioned. I am hoping the internet links in the new Science book are better than Discovery works links. So far none of the Discovery Works Sciencelinks have worked. I find all my information by Googling.
I have also had to create all my tests. I will try to convert them to PDF files so that anyone else who may be using the Discovery works without the benefit of being able to have a Teachers Resource Guide book, that has the tests in it. (a separate book from the Teachers Guide)
We discovered a word I have never heard before, Archaeoastronomy.
Archaeoastronomy is the study of how past people "have understood the phenomena in the sky, how they used phenomena in the sky and what role the sky played in their cultures.
Here is a picture of the remains of a stone calendar in Auglish used in Archaeoastronomy.

Brennan continues to amaze me with his ability to soak up information. He began not being able to identify one kind of galaxy and can now identify and describe each kind. Our lesson was cut a little short as Owen decided to shoot a metal ball out of his mouth, but upon inhaling to get a good amount of air to project it the farthest that he could, he inhaled the ball and kept his parents tied up at the doctors for the rest of the afternoon. They picked up Brennan early.
If anyone is interested in an excellant aid to Nature Studies click on the picture to the right.

You may also be interested in Barbara's Outdoor Hour Challenges. Great for any Nature Lover and Home School Parent.
She has consolidated the first 10 Challenges into an e-book which she has for sale at a reasonable price of 8.95, (this is a limited time price)
I bought the book and was extremely happy with it.
I plan to put the file on a flash drive, take it to Kinkos and have it printed and Spiral bound.
This is an excellent addition to your nature studies.
If interested click on this photo.

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