Friday, February 27, 2009

Thurs. 2.22.09

We got a late start but still got a lot done. We went over the galaxies, what Earth's address would be in this vast Universe, the concept of light years.
Now that was an interesting one. Quite a bit harder of a concept to convey than I thought it would be.
Our nearest neighbor is the Canis Major galaxy, 25,000 light years from us.
So the light we see in the sky at night from any of it's stars or planets would have actually left that galaxy 25,000 years ago. One of Brennan's tasks, to help him wrap his mind around that, was to look up what was happening on the Earth 25,000 years ago. He found an excellant source:
(While we do not believe in Evolution or the Human time-line as given by some scientists, it was still a good source of what was happening to the land and the weather at that time.
Man can only based their time-line on their limited knowledge of carbon dating. Unfortunately, they are basing everything on their knowledge of the world today, and they do not take into account what the world was like pre-flood. Carbon based testing would not be accurate when integrated with the vastly different variables of the climate at that time. Therefore , we take care to balance what Brennan reads on these sources with what the Bible teaches. )
Here is another link we found, this one deals only with Paleoclimatology, the study of ancient climates:
We began a new project; the miracle of life. A different kind of science than astronomy, but inspired by the recent hatchings of new chicks I had. With children, timing can be more important than sticking stoically to a schedule of lessons. His interest is now so now is when we are doing it.
I had him prepare the incubator. He read the instructions, got everything ready then went out and gathered 3 eggs from the nest boxes. He dated the eggs and placed an X on one side of each. We chose a safe place where the incubator could sit for the next 21 days. I will candle the eggs in a week or so to see if there is anything going on. The last week of incubation I will let him take them home so that when the hatching occurs he will be there to see it.
I am excited for him, but as a grandma now I will worry as to whether any will hatch so that he will not be disappointed.
He has been adding to his blog. The goal is for him to try and add a daily entry. Something new he learned, did or just something fun. Just get in the habit of journaling. It will improve his writing skills, organizational skills and aid him in remembering the accomplishments he has made. Next week I have scheduled time for Sketching, and a Nature walk. This week was suppose to be the week but time and unforeseen occurences....

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