Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Outdoor Bird Count Update

I have added hyperlinks to each species in my last post for anyone interested. Also, identified one of the mystery birds. It was a Yellowthroated Warbler. I had problems with the ID because of the difference between male and female. The one I saw was a female. Still no ID on the second. It was a Robin sized bird, duff or light tan coloured with a black head. Any ideas?
I added the Northern Flicker and the Black Phoebe to the list as well. Only saw one of each but they are regulars on our property.
I had to make a change on the Grackle. It was not a Grackle I saw, but a Brewer's Blackbird. My confusion lay in the colouring of the males and females. I am fairly new at trying to discern between similar coloured species. It has been a lot of fun though actually taking the time to really look at them. I have some around me who think I am nuts for spending time doing so.
Today is very, very windy, not sure how many birds I will see. For the most part they seem to be hunkering down in the trees.

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