Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's play Catchup.... Again

Jan 9 Owen and I attempted several experiments involving floating, flying, and gravity.

There is some cute video but it won't upload as is. I will need to work with it and upload later.

Brennan was still reading up on Archimedes.

We completed an experiment dealing with wind energy. Both of the boys seemed to enjoy this one.
What made it even better was the fact that this day was qite windy and we were able to take it outside and watch as the wind generated enough energy to light the bulb.

I will try to add videos later

1.23.12 This weeks experiment dealt with balance and center of gravity.
Brennan chose a Star Wars theme

Owen chose Sky Landers

These mobiles were fun to make.
Each boy chose 7 pictures they liked.
I adjusted the sizes to make them about 4 inches.

The boys cut them out, glued them to heavier weight paper, then I laminated them.

I cut 1/4" dowels into 2 -  12" lengths for Owen
For Brennan  I not only cut 2 - 12" lengths, I also cut 2  - 6 inch lengths
This gave him a little more of a challenge when it came to balanceing all the pieces.

The boys then punched a hole in the top, threaded yarn through the hole and carefully placed them at different intervals on the dowels to balance the mobiles out.

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