Friday, December 23, 2011

Archimedes, Transporation

This was an easy week since technically we are on vacation. I had lost a week though and wanted to make it up.

BJ breezed through his lessons on Archimedes and darted out the door to play with his cousins. Archimedes was a very interesting person.

One of his discoveries that I see used frequently today is the Archimedes screw.

More info on him can be found here: Archimedes
O had a hard time focusing but we finally got under way. We learned about the history of cars, airplanes, friction and motion.

Autos changed a great deal from the horseless carriage to electric cars between 1894 and 2010.

 So did airplanes between 1900 and today.

It was fun, even though we did not get to the experiments. :)

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