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08.21.13 - Earth Science - Start Earth Model - Week 1

 Wow! A full year has flown by without an entry. 

A computer infection, data loss, reformatting, and attempts at data recovery will do that.

I lost all pictures from May to Sept of 2012. It could have been worse, I know. With the help of my oldest son I was able to recover them but..... they are not in any order and it is every picture imaginable. From little icons for programs, album covers of downloaded songs, to the pics of family and places vacationed, all jumbled up like a game of 52 card pick up. No info is embedded in them so there is no point of reference, date, size, you know the stuff you can read when you hold a cursor over the pic.

So I have most of the pics I think, but the hours of sorting them and reorganizing them into folders are still waiting to be used. I have taken a few stabs at it, but seeing the scroll bar hardly move after several hours of work was so depressing I just have not gotten back to it. I did make a list of events so once I had sorted through the myriad of photos I could give them dates and names for the their folders.

Enough of that! Last Weds was our first day of school. I had just barely received my text books a few days earlier and had a mild shock when B brought out 2 books.... only 2, a Teacher and a Student manual!

For the past several years we have been studying NOEO science. With NOEO I could count on a stack of books to use. This year Lace chose Paige Hudson's "Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage."  So being optimistic I dug in and started reading the lesson plans.

Within the first few pages I discovered I did indeed need more books.. 9 of them. So I went online, found they were out of my price range, called the school, they only had one, emailed Dani and was relieved to find out she had all but one; an autobiography on Neil Armstrong. That info could easily be found in other venues.

Now I was good to go.... or so I thought. Paige referenced an ebook she wrote that could be used, not entirely necessary but it would enhance several lessons.

I went to the referred website only to discover it had been printed incorrectly in the text book, but with a little determination I was able to come up with the correct site only to be unable to find the link to the free copy of the ebook only a link to a copy for sale.

Not to be deterred I wrote to her, explained the situation and was pleasantly rewarded with not only a copy of the ebook but a sweet personal note.

Now fully prepared we launched forward.

Week 1
Start Earth Model

2013.08.21 First Day of School Making Paper Mache' World
While listening to soft flute and nature sounds O and I applied layer upon layer on the balloon.
Starting to add the layers
Making sure to criss-cross the paper.
What do you think, Grammama?

Experiment Cold 'n Hot - "How does the Earth's temperature remain constant"
pg 126 Janice Van Cleave's "Earth Science for Every Kid"

Using 1 large bag, 1 small bag, and 2 thermometers O conducted an experiment to help understand more about how the earth maintains a more constant temperature than other planets.

The Earth does not have the extreme temperature fluctuations of other planets, because the earth's atmosphere acts like a greenhouse, allowing radiant energy from the sun to enter, and the resulting heat energy is trapped.

This radiation is then absorbed by plants and the soil and converted into heat energy.

Without this protective layer of air the earth would get very hot during the day and very cold at night.
Thermometers, bags, okay I am ready

Checking the temperature.

Read UOW pg 4 - 5 Our Planet
Narration Sheet

Lunch - Sunny side up Egg sandwich

Read UOW pg 6-7 - What's in Space
Narration Sheet

Read UOW pg 8-9 Moon
Narration Sheet

Recording what he learned about The Earth, the Moon and Space

Adding a picture of the Earth to his notebooking page.

Vocabulary Word of the Week - Space
The region beyond the atmosphere of the earth


Next Week he will Paint his world

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