Saturday, June 9, 2012

8th Grade Graduation Day!!

A decade and thrice has brought us to this day.

Add in parents, grandparents, siblings and friends plus a level of excitement coupled with anticipation. Stir continually adding a little seasoning as needed to complete this recipe for 8th Grade graduation day.

Although I think they call it promotion or something like that now.

One of the students, Alec Adamson, gave one of THE best graduating talks I have ever heard. He had pitch,poser, pace, gestures, articulation and humor. It was delightful.

Two of the students entertained us. One, a singer, Alexis Boseman, had a voice full of promise. Able to go from low to high notes with training she has the ability to go farther if she so desires.
It was amazing that this young 13 year old was able to get up in front of family, friends and strangers and not only sing, but sing well.

The other was a cellist,  Brianna Jones. I have never heard Star Wars played on a cello before and found myself moved emotionally as rich tones of the melody lace their way into my soul.

Another student I felt who stood out above the others was Alyssa Miller.
Her artwork mesmerized me. In fact, I was so caught up with her talent I sought her out so that I could photograph her with her poster. Her grasp of shadow, lines, and her technique to convey what is in her mind's eye enthralled my heart. But what really enraptured me was listening to her explain it.
She has a passion and a talent that WILL take her somewhere, if she is willing to continue committing herself to her art.
I have a picture of her below with her poster displaying a couple of examples of her work.
The photo does not do her work justice. One of the works of art is actually a compilation of little squares that when together form the whole picture.
One day she will have much to add to the art world I am sure.
His loves

Proud parents and brother

Alex giving his talk

Waiting expectantly

Enjoying the talk

Star Wars on a Cello

Watching his friends get theirs.

He has his diploma

Nedene, his advisor

Alyssa, budding artist.
Her poster shows small examples of her ability to capture colour, lines, shadow, heart and soul.

Yes!! A guitar towel!

Shirts to bring a smile

A new book to read

Finishing the day with pizza at BJ's
A little blurry (still experimenting with inside shots)

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