Monday, February 6, 2012

CHES Meeting 2.08.12

Our CHES meeting, which is held on the second Weds of the month, is usually filled with exciting information that enables us as teachers to encourage our children, or in my case, grandchildren, and inspire them to stretch their mental abilities.

This past Weds. meeting was no exception.

After a few minutes of chat time we were treated to “The Classical Showcase Extravaganza”, a PowerPoint presentation that Dani made a few years ago.

I love it!

It succinctly presented the various facets of Classical Education in a clear easily understood way. I wanted to be able to show Gary so I borrowed it, made a few copies and will get it back so others can check it out as well.

Next we interacted in a group activity “Practice the Topos”. An enlightening exercise on how the same set of information can be given out and then changed with the use of descriptive words to metamorphize into entirely different stories.

The practical application would be to show our children how to develop their ability to carry out the first steps in the creative writing process.

The two stories that resulted were amazing! There was not a lot of time to brain storm and our group seemed to have more difficulties making the story romantic than the other group had making it scary, but both were excellent examples of what could be accomplished.

Next we covered strategic ways to help our students learned The Presidents names through ditty’s as well as the words to the Preamble and what they mean.

We all had fun with the ditty. The tune reminded me of jumping rope. It had that kind of cadence. We received a handout with all the names as you would sing them with the pauses.

The handout on the preamble was interesting as it took each sentence and in layman’s terms explained the meaning, then illustrated the sentences. As nice visual cue for students to pull to mind when the need arises.

There were also handouts on preparation for literary analysis which encouraged learning about the personal histories of the authors. This in turn would give a reader a greater understanding of the literary work.

I especially appreciated the handout on important literary terms. Some of which I had never heard of, but all of which would enhance a reader and writer in their literary skills.

Lastly, we had sharing time. I shared that Barbara McCoys daughter had created her first magazine and how to get a copy. I also encouraged everyone to visit the “Handbook of Nature” blog. It has really morphed from a personal to professional looking blog.

Tina shared the fund raiser, a coupon book. A great deal. I should get one.

Our extravaganza will be on May 17th, a Thursday this year.

We were all encouraged to attend the CHAT meeting scheduled for the 15th.

The lemon squares Dani brought were sinful. I think I will blame them for my not losing any weight this week.

I love the font Dani uses. I need to find out what it is.


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