Saturday, November 5, 2011

Refraction and Light 10.17.11

This was a draft I was supposed to publish a month ago. Must have been around the time I started this blog up again, so it is way out of context.

Since it is older I will not go back and put in all the pics. It will just stand as I left it, sorry. Too busy moving forward to go back. :)

Had another class today. We will be going on a field trip Mon. and therefore we needed a day to make up for it. I could have done it next Thurs but BJ really wanted his Uncle Christian to help him complete his light saber.

Our lesson today was on refraction and light. Owen was amazed at how light refraction can make a straw look broken in a glass of water.

I was surprised to learn that the primary light colours are different from primary colours. I am sure I learned it in school but set it aside in my mind because they are so close. Primary colours of course are red, yellow and blue. The primary light colours are red, green and blue. What is really weird is that you mix red and green light and get yellow. The secondary light colours are yellow, magenta and cyan.

With did another experiment with chromatography. Owen took a black sharpie and made a small dot in the center of a coffee filter. Then using an eyedropper he let one drop of water go onto the spot. The result was.... purple!!

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