Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10.09.09 Cashore Marionettes - Field Trip

Our Field Trip to the Mondavi Center - Studio Theater,University of California, Davis, CA brought us a delightful afternoon watching the Cashore Marionette show.

We had a fabulous time above and beyond what I had expected!
The boys were quiet, which I interpreted as having their attention focued.
Lot’s of questions were asked afterward. It is always encouraging to see children get excited about something.
Going to the Cashore website and viewing their videos answered any lingering questions.

Mr. Cashore began working with marionetes at the age of 11.
Each marionette take 3-6 months to construct and then it is another 6 mos to gain the intimate knowledge of what makes that marionette come alive!
Although the puppeteer was stilted in his speech his puppets were so lifelike one had to remind themselves that they were only wood and paper mache’.

The following were part of the different skits:
Violin maestro
Guru and the ball
Mother and child
Homeless mike
Horse Pastoral
Girl with Homework
Simple Gifts
Quest- climbing up the puppeteer
The only downside was that it was over way too soon!
To watch a short video on "Simple Gifts" go to Cashore Marionettes

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