Friday, September 25, 2009

Molecules are Everywhere!

This week we did two different experiments about molecules.
Are Molecules Attracted by Electrical Charges?

Are Molecules Attracted to Each Other? -

We had a lot of fun with these experiments.
This year we are following the NOEO teaching curriculum and it is so much more enjoyable! Not that I regret last years curriculum, I do not, it was a lot of fun too, but the stress of trying to get it right, and the "what if's", in case I messed up. This year with NOEO it is more laid back without the pressure.
I just have to get past the mental blocks of needing to be so structured and just let the teaching happen.
The parent support is even better than last year, (which is hard to imagine)
Every week I feel really blessed to be a part of BJ's schooling.
I have been trying to get my store set for the fall season and hope to get back to my colour my week schedule. I really loved that and still mentally think, "what colour is today?"
There are so many things I have in mind to add for each colour day. Then I have to play catch up on the snail, and Avocado project we did last year. So that will be fun!

I strongly suspect one of my grandchildren is autistic. He is almost 2 does not speak, prefers to play alone, and lacks the social skills I see in other children his age. Actually, I have another grandson that is 2 months younger who is very social and speak in two word sentences.
I started doing online research and recently bought a book about autistic children. When I approach his father, my son, with my suspicions I was told my concerns where appreciated but misplaced so I will back-off but I will continue to learn more about Autism and wait.

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