Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome to an Indigo Sagacious Saturday!

This Sagacious Indigo Saturday I have chosen the ancient Shawnee proverb, "Show respect to all men, but grovel to none."
A plethora of birds are singing their soul touching melodies outside my window bringing the soothing, restful Indigo colour deep into my day.

It has been nurturing to my soul to embrace the individual colours into each day of my week. I find that I look forward to the morn of the new day with a new awareness that I can hopefully share with the ones I love. It has helped me to take a fresh look at this gift of life we have so generously been given by our Creator. I feel that I am developing a better appreciation not only of those gifts but also for the sacrifice of his only begotten son so that we might have a chance at everlasting life.

I truly hope that this awareness can help shape me into a person more capable of teaching my grandson.

Ah, I can hear a hen heralding the egg she has just laid.


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