Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home School Thursday, Green Day, Free Falling

Today is Green day, Home School Thursday:
Today we studied the affects of free falling in space. We did a couple of experiments to try to understand how free fall works.
We also took a nature walk along the railroad tracks, Brennan's choice. We found several discarded steel items that had begun to rust. Since Brennan had an aluminum rod in his hand I decided to take the opportunity to ask him why the metal on the ground was rusting and the rod he had found and cleaned up was not. He had several hypothesis, some of which were close , but not actually the answer. So I explained that steel will rust because of the iron in it but aluminum does not have iron and therefore does not rust. I kept it simple so that the interest would remain allowing for future questions.
He was quite enamored with the railroad spikes and wanted to know why they were lying on the ground. Since he has been here many times when the train goes by I pointed out how the ground shakes when the train comes and if we could feel it as far as way as we were standing , how much more so it would be along the tracks. That vibration could cause the spikes to work their way out of the ties. Upon closer inspection we discovered several that were close to leaving the ties they had been embedded into.
While on our wlak we came across a ducks nest. We almost missed it it was covered so well.
We decided to use 3 types of grasses for our nature walk pictures.
We brought them in and used our watercolour pencils and crayons to draw them. This is mine.
Brennan did an excellant job! I will enter his as soon as he emails it to me.
Once finished I had him make an entry on his blog about his chick that hatched last week. I spent a good portion of the day yesterday creating the video and I wanted him to log in as a Science project what he had done to hatch the egg.

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