Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Rain or Not to Rain

The weatherman has threatened rain on and off for some time, but each instance brought little or not rain. Today was to be another deluge, but although cold, showed little evidence that the prediction would come to be fulfilled.
And then it happened......RAIN and lots of it!
It did not last long, but while it did it poured!
Brennan grabbed the camera and took a few shots out the window.
I went out to take pictures to find the rooster and one hen standing by the dog. Poor Sterling, he looked so unhappy. The rooster usually gives him such a hard time and now their he was right by him. Oh my, I took pity on the poor soul and shooed the rooster on his way.
I loved the way the rain dripped off of the Wisteria.
While snapping some shots I got a lovely gift, the first of the Tom Thumb Daffodils have begun to bloom.

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