Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birth, Life, and Death of Stars

With the rain pattering outside the window, Brennan and I spent most of the day talking about the birth, life, and death of stars. It is amazing how much I remember, (and have forgotten) in Science.
This is a picture of a star birth - RCW 108 -region in Milky way galaxy.
He practiced his Star Wars and "You've got a Friend in Me" songs on the piano.
We have been following the Handbook of Nature blog;

and decide to walk the property to observe trees.
Brennan took several photos.These are some wild ducks that have decided they might like to stay long enough to hatch a clutch of eggs.
While we were discussing all that was around us I happened to notice bud swell on all things apricot. I hope with the coming rain and cooler temperatures the fruit production does not dwindle.All in all it was a lovely walk! I hope to add many more to it.

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